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i.TV – a tv guide, movie finder, and remote control in an iPhone app

i.TV is a free iPhone application that acts as a TV guide, local movie finder, and even a remote control. Out of all my free apps, I find I use i.TV quite often as I do not receive the listings and always forget what’s on TV.  You just load up the app, provide it with your general location and it pops  in the daily listings. One of my favourite features is the ability to view the listings horizontally like a regular tv guide. Another nice feature is the way it links up to movie listings in theatres nearby. Look at the screen shots below to see how it works. Read the full story

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AppBox Pro – a swiss army knife for the iPhone?

AppBox Pro is an app of mini apps that comes with 18 apps  (plus 3 semi apps). For $0.99 it didn’t take much for me to try this app out.  Here’s a quick list of what you get:

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Google's mobile app market is here

Wow, Google’s market place is almost identical to the iPhone’s App Store, and that’s not a bad thing. With the contentious issue of Google Voice not coming to the iPhone anytime soon (or ever), and Google’s software prowess, it will be interesting to see if the Android can match or surpass the iPhone.

My take is that Google will do what they do best, build very smart and useful applications that make your life a lot simpler.  The adoption rate from developers will depend on their Developer API, but it’s likely to attract more developers as it’s not limited to Mac only.

Although iPhone development is changing with new “wrapper like” technologies for iPhone development such as Mono or PhoneGap.  PhoneGap is a very cool development environment created by Nitobi that allows developers to create iPhone apps in one language (Javascript) for many platforms.  Currently, PhoneGap targets the iPhone, Android, and Blackberry.

All I can say is that, as a consumer, I would expect the rate of application growth to increase dramatically in the coming year.

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