5 useful iPhone tips and shortcuts

5 useful iPhone tips and shortcuts

Compared to most mobile devices, the iPhone is a fairly intuitive device that takes little time to learn and use.  The downside of this is that you likely haven’t taken the time to learn some basic short cuts that can save you some time.  Here is our current list of useful iPhone shortcuts (for 3G) that should be useful to you.

1 – Safari link utility
While using Safari, you can open up a link utility to open, open in a new page, copy, and view the full details of a link.
Hold the link for a few seconds and the box will popup.
2 – Scroll through contacts
Hold your finger down on the letters then move up or down to scroll faster in a controlled manner.
3 – Music – show play controls quickly
If you’re using your iPhone for listening to music and the screen is off you may find it annoying to change tracks by having to navigate to the music library. Instead you can popup up the play controls by pressing the main home button twice.
4 – Caps Lock on and other keyboard tips
The standard keyboard has some hidden helpers that you can activate.  First, go to Settings->General->Keyboard.  Here you can enable the shortcuts for things like enabling Caps Lock on.
To enable Caps Lock mode, simply double tap the up arrow caps key and it will turn blue to signal caps lock mode is on.
To see a ellipse or domain shortcuts hold the respective icons and a bubble will popup.


5 – Auto Sleep your music
If you’ve ever wanted to play music before you go to sleep, perhaps some nice soothing tunes, and have it turn off after a set amount of time, you can do this quite easily.  Simply follow these steps:
Home – Clock – Timer – When Timer Ends – Sleep iPod


This completes our current list of tips for this post, we’ll be posting more as we find out other cool things you can do with the iPhone.  If you have any useful tips that we should know about, please comment below.

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