Why is my iPhone slow? Tips for speeding it up.

Why is my iPhone slow?  Tips for speeding it up.

Is your iPhone slowing down or a lot slower than it used to be? Like most computers, the more things you install on your iPhone and the more you use it, the slower it becomes. You may not notice how slow your iPhone is until your play a more graphic intensive game. For example, I noticed that Tetris was running super slow on my iPhone after a month of usage.

Here is a list of four things you can do to speed up your iPhone. If you have any tips please comment below and I’ll add them to the list.

1.  Clear your text messages
This one is pretty easy, just pop into your text messages panel and delete them one by one.
If you have a jailbroken iPhone you can follow this link for a delete all add-on: http://www.utternerd.org/Delete+all+SMS+Text+Messages+off+your+iPhone+at+once

2.  Clear your Internet Cache
Go to Settings -> Safari and clear all your cache. (more if you like)

3.  Power Down and restart your iPhone
-Press/hold the top power button (first) and then the home button right after.
-Wait until the power slider comes on and slide it off.
-Wait until the screen loader is done.
-Hold the top power button to turn the iPhone back.
-Let go once the Apple icon shows up

4.  Restore your iPhone if all else fails
If your iPhone is still slow, then you will have to restore your iPhone through iTunes.  Unfortunately this is not particularly fun as you can lose some of your settings and it can take a while.  Refer to the official apple support article for this

Well that’s all the tips I have for now, I would like to hear of other ones if there’s something that worked for you.

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