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What's the deal with foursquare?

What's the deal with foursquare?

More than just a new game, foursquare is a potential game-changer when it comes to the intersection of digital life with the real world. Foursquare initially comes across as being as innocent as its namesake – a game we called “four corners” in my neck of the woods where you bounce a ball around, eventually moving your way up to being the king of the corners. But some notable people are all abuzz that foursqure has the potential to be bigger than Twitter.

The premise of foursquare is simple: you go to places in your city, check in with your mobile app, SMS, or the mobile site, and as you check in you get points. You also get points for being an active user and doing things like contributing new locations. To reward you for building your points, you get badges and if you become the reigning point-getter for a particular place, you become the “Mayor” for that location. Points are reset every week, helping to keep things interesting, fresh, and alive.

The folks behind foursquare have hit a real sweet spot by delivering an interface, icons, and tone that makes the game simple yet fun to play, all the while tapping into a potential gold mine for virtually any business with a physical presence in the real world. Some businesses have already begun to tap into the marketing potential of foursquare by offering their Mayors special offers or promos. Unlike other businesses that fumble trying to find a business model, it seems like foursquare was conceived from the very beginning with the business model in mind.

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  1. Wally says:

    This game is really taking off, I found it surprising how addictive and easy it is to play. Seems like this is the first of many to come, or at least the first that’s really become popular fast.


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