Creating a custom ringtone for your iPhone (for free)

Creating a custom ringtone for your iPhone (for free)

Have you ever wanted to make a custom iPhone ringtone without downloading programs or paying a fee? If you answered yes, then keep reading as this article will show you how in a few simple steps. By using a free audio sampling site Audiko ( and iTunes, you can create a 30 second ring tone quite easily. Follow below to get started:

Step 1 – Visit

Step 2 – Upload a music file you would like to sample

Step 3 – Select the starting point for your sample with Audiko’s sampling tool

Step 4 – After the file is converted, scroll down and save the mp3 to your computer

Step 5 – Open up iTunes and add the track to your library

Step 6 – Make sure your audio import settings are set to AAC (very important)

Step 7 – Find your 30 second track and click Get Info

Step 8 – Go to Options and set Start Time to 0:00 and Stop Time to 0:30

Step 9 – iTunes will create the new 30 second sample. Right click and click “Create AAC Version”

Step 10 – Copy this file to your desktop (or locate it) and rename the file extension from “m4a” to “m4r”

Step 11 – Import the new “m4r” file back into iTunes, add to RingTones and sync your iPhone!

You have now created a ring tone for free!

Additional Notes:

  • You don’t need Audiko if you know the exact start and end time.

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